Daniel T. Mayeda, D.D.S.
Dental Consulting - Clinical Trainer


My lower front teeth looked like they were disintegrating. Dr. Mayeda made 6 CEREC crowns for me in one appointment. It was cool watching him design and fabricate my crowns on the computer, then milling them right in his office. A few hours later, I was completed. I didn't have to wear any temporaries!

Stan B., Kahului, Maui

As a retired dentist from the mainland now living on Maui, I looked for the "dentists' dentist". My wife and I were referred to Dr. Dan by other dentists and physicians. My smile went through a transformation after Dr. Mayeda conservatively matched my discolored teeth with my porcelain crowns.

Dr. K, Lahaina, Maui

Before I moved to San Francisco in 1982, Dr. Mayeda bonded my upper front teeth to beautify my smile. When ever I come home to Maui, I have Dr. Dan check my smile to make sure they're strong and white. My dentist in SF thought they were porcelain crowns when she first saw them as they were so lifelike and natural.

Carrie C., San Francisco, CA

I broke my front tooth playing tennis when the racket hit my front teeth. Dr. Dan came to my rescue and immediately made the tooth look like new using his Bonding technique. It's been over 10 years and I'm still smiling.

Dr. A, Wailuku, Maui

Dr. Mayeda gave me my implants in 1988 to secure my loose lower denture. Since then, I can eat and speak freely without worry of my denture getting loose. It doesn't hurt when I eat, too. It's been over 20 years of health and happiness.

Nancy Y., Kahului, Maui

In 1995, I flew to Maui to have Dr. Mayeda fix all of my teeth which included 8 upper implants. My relatives on Maui referred me to Dr. Mayeda when I told them I needed implants. Dr. Mayeda thoroughly consulted with me as to my treatment options before starting treatment. I have a problem mouth. Dr. Mayeda is a problem solver; he's still my dentist after 17 years. I wish he would open an office on Oahu.

Stan H., Honolulu, HI

We live in Chicago and Kapalua, and when we're on Maui, Dr. Mayeda takes care of all our dental needs. He is our primary care dentist. If we need dental care while in Chicago, we always consult with Dr. Mayeda before having treatment done.

Mr. and Mrs. V., Chicago, IL

Seven years ago, I lost all of my upper and lower teeth. Dr. Mayeda placed implants in his office, then attached teeth to them all at the same appointment. Today, I'm still smiling with my non-removable teeth and not wearing dentures.

Mrs. Amy E., Kula, Maui