Daniel T. Mayeda, D.D.S.
Dental Consulting - Clinical Trainer

Lectures & Seminars

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1-Day Surgical and Restorative Lectures

4-Day Surgical and Restorative Lectures and Hands on (live patients)

All programs are given in Honolulu, Hawaii USA


This program is designed to introduce dentists and refresh seasoned dentists to the basics and intricacies of implant surgery.  Beginning with proper patient selection and comprehensive treatment planning, attendees will learn about case selection and placement of prosthetically driven implants. 

Teeth replacement in specific areas of the mouth will be emphasized to bring predictability and success when using implants.  Both guided implant surgery and unguided surgery using cone beam CT treatment planning will be taught and discussed at length.

This course will cover practice management techniques on how to discuss implants with patients increasing their understanding of the importance and advantages of implant prostheses.

Open dialogue about handling implant complications and failures will offer practical and positive solutions.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

·       Understand why implants are important to their practices and patients

·       Select implant cases for their practices

·       Place an implant using guided and unguided techniques

·       Treatment plan using diagnostic models and digital renderings integrated with  cone beam CT radiography

·       Handle surgical and prosthetic implant emergencies 


How to integrate implant dentistry into your practice

·       Discussing tooth replacement using implants

·       How to handle objections

·       Informing patients of treatment timelines and finances

·       Educating patients on home care and follow-up treatment

Patient selection

·       Exam, photography, diagnostic casts and CBCT

·       Anatomic considerations

·       Predisposition of natural teeth and periodontal conditions

·       Patient attitude of implant procedures

Surgical implant placement

·       Utilizing the contents of surgical and guided kits

·       Pharmacology and anesthesia

·       Flap design and suturing

·       Guided and unguided receptor site preparation and implant insertion

·       One stage or two stage healing abutments

·       Uncovering implants: how and when

Implant restorations

·       Tissue contouring and temporaries

·       Impression techniques: open and closed tray

·       Cement vs. screw retained restorations

·       Implant maintenance


·       Hands-on learning in a comfortable informal environment with open dialogue between participants and Dr. Mayeda

·       Gain confidence incorporating implant surgery techniques with crown and bridge procedures

·       Boost knowledge to perform predictable grafting procedures  


General dentists new and experienced in placing dental implants and dentists wanting to incorporate implants into their practice.



Certificates of Participation are given at the end of each program.























































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